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What is a genetic test

What is a genetic test?

A genetic test involves the analysis of DNA and RNA to detect alterations associated with hereditary diseases.

Genetic tests have various objectives, including:

  • Providing support in the diagnosis of genetic diseases.
  • Early detection of the disease to improve clinical management.
  • Preventing the onset of a disease.
  • Determining the genetic predisposition profile.
  • Providing therapeutic follow-up and improving disease management and quality of life.


When should you consider a genetic test?

  • When there is a family history of genetic diseases.
  • When signs or symptoms of a genetic condition develop.
  • When it is helpful to confirm a clinical diagnosis.
  • When there is a possibility of passing on a specific genetic condition to offspring.
  • During pregnancy, when evaluating the risk of genetic diseases.

With a list of over 3,000 types of genetic tests, divided into more than 20 application areas, Eurofins Genoma Laboratory is capable of meeting increasingly specialized demands in the field of cytogenetic and molecular diagnostics, providing highly specialized, precise, efficient, and rapid service.

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