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Eurofins Genoma Group

Innovative technologies, quality, professionalism, and expertise.

Eurofins Genoma Group is the Italian and European reference point for molecular diagnosis. Founded in 1997, Eurofins Genoma Group primarily operates as a diagnostic partner for genetic, cytogenetic, and molecular analyses with the goal of providing a comprehensive service capable of meeting diverse needs in the field of molecular diagnostics.

With four locations, including two centers in Rome, one in Milan, and one in Florence, Eurofins Genoma Group boasts modern and high-tech laboratories covering a total area of over 4,000 square meters. These laboratories are equipped with advanced instrumentation and technology, as well as high-quality standards.

Experience: Over 2,000 healthcare and hospital facilities, both in Italy and abroad, send biological samples to our laboratories daily. Our internal organization is structured to support substantial workloads, with the annual number of tests, continually growing, exceeding 250,000 genetic tests.

In Italy, several projects have been initiated with pharmaceutical companies to provide a valuable genetic tool for diagnosis and drug development.

Analytical Completeness: Eurofins Genoma offers a wide range of services, among the most comprehensive in Italy and internationally. This allows us to provide innovative diagnostic solutions for various clinical needs to patients and their physicians. With a list of over 3,000 genetic tests performed on-site, divided into more than 25 application areas, Eurofins Genoma can meet increasingly specialized requests in the field of cytogenetic and molecular diagnostics, providing highly specialized, precise, efficient, and rapid services to our clients.

Our Mission: Eurofins Genoma has chosen to create and offer advanced diagnostic services and solutions with a strong commitment to research. This translates into a desire to promote and improve existing diagnostic processes by developing new products, processes, and services in the biotechnology sector, thus contributing to the transition from curative to predictive medicine.

Our Philosophy: Update, Anticipate, Progress. Operate in the present while always looking ahead. With this fundamental principle, our choice has been, and continues to be, the integration of the most modern management efficiency and continuous training of all personnel with the ongoing evolution of technological equipment and diagnostic methodologies, in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Since July 2017, Genoma has been part of the international Eurofins group.

The Eurofins Group is a leader in analytical services with an international network of over 800 laboratories in 47 countries across Europe, North and South America, and the Asia-Pacific region.


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