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PrenatalSafe® Plus

PrenatalSafe® is a non-invasive prenatal test that analyzes circulating cell-free fetal DNA isolated from a maternal blood sample. The PrenatalSafe® Plus test detects aneuploidies of chromosomes 21, 18, 13, 9, 16 and sex chromosomes (X and Y), as well as including fetal sex determination (optional). It is also possible to detect the presence of 6 of the most common microdeletion syndromes:

Microdeletion syndrome

Chromosomal Region

Prevalence (at birth)

DiGeorge Syndrome

22q11.2 deletion

1/2.000 – 1/4.000

Cri-du-chat Syndrome

5p deletion

1/15.000 – 1/50.000

Prader-Willi Syndrome

15Q11.2 deletion


Angelman Syndrome

15q11.2 deletion

1/10.000 – 1/20.000

1p36 deletion Syndrome

1p36 deletion

1/5.000 – 1/10.000

Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome

4p deletion


PrenatalSafe® Plus is not indicated for dichorionic twin pregnancies.
PrenatalSafe® Plus can be integrated, for free, with RhSafe® test, a non-invasive prenatal exam that, analyzing the fetal DNA isolated from a blood sample of the mother to be, allows to determine fetal Rh(D) Factor. RhSafe® test is optional, and is performed for free (on request) in Rh(D) negative pregnant women, with a Rh(D) positive male partner.




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