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OncoNext™ Liquid Monitor – Breast: Analysis of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA)

Eurofins Genoma Group’s OncoNext ™ Liquid genetic tests were designed to study somatic mutations of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in peripheral blood in patients with cancer or at high risk of cancer. The study of ctDNA, also called liquid biopsy, is the most innovative tool that the oncologist can use today. Thanks the OncoNext ™ Liquid test the clinician can correctly complete the diagnosis and prognosis of the cancer patient.  Through this test the clinician can also early diagnose in high-risk patient the presence of somatic mutations which, if they vary significantly over time, they may indicate the presence of tumor foci. OncoNext ™ Liquid does not replace tissue biopsy, which remains the gold standard for the first morphological / histological diagnosis and the main source of DNA from which to study the genomic profile of the disease, but confirms and deepens the information obtained.
OncoNext ™ Liquid tests are available in two versions, Monitor and Scan, and have different levels of detail (Scan: 15, 23 and 50 genes; Monitor: 15, 23, 50 genes, Breast, Colon and Lung).


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