PrenatalScreen® Standard

The PrenatalScreen® Standard test includes the analysis of a wide number of genes and the most common and clinically relevant diseases (740+ genes, 1000+ genetic conditions).

CardioScreen® Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

CardioScreen-Prevenzione arresto cardiaco improvviso® is a diagnostic test that allows you to perform a multiple genetic analysis to investigate the presence of mutations associated with sudden cardiac death sine materia. The test identifies patients at genetic risk for potentially fatal cardiac events, through the analysis of their DNA.

OncoNext™ Risk – Oncoscreening Complete

OncoNext ™ Risk OncoScreening Complete is a diagnostic test, developed by GENOMA Group, which allows you to perform a multiple genetic analysis to assess the predisposition to hereditary cancers, including: Breast Cancer, Ovarian / Uterus Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Skin Cancer (Melanoma), Brain Cancer, Kidney Cancer and Pheochromocytoma / Paraganglioma. […]